Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 resolution

hye guys, lamo tak merepek kat sini! Happy new year all...hope this year great thing will happen.Great change will be acknowledge. My new year resolution is to be a better person, by meaning i will try my best to stop cursing! hahaha...bukan ape, there's a few people saying that my magic word is "KIMAK" halah....just cakap jer! it's a way of mine to express my anger. Would you refer me scratching cars or puncturing tires? that was what i am into when i was 23...full of anger against cheating this is my new year resolution;
1. stop cursing
2. excepting love that came unconditionally... (gituuuuuu)
3. take life seriously
4. start saving
5. just go to Japan for a holiday!forget about the expenses
6. meet a guy and get married
7. keep my room clean at all time
8. be more graceful
9. try not to miss so much SOLAT
10.less lepak! more family time.



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